MAKE IT: Drip Tray & Found Objects Fairy Garden

Last Christmas, my little girl got the cutest little handmade fairies from Grandma. Ever since, she's really been wanting to make a fairy garden. 

As a self-proclaimed non-crafter, this seemed liked a really big undertaking for me. Most of the time, my imagination makes things into a much bigger, or smaller deal than they end up being. There is no in-between. 

This cute little fairy garden ended up being both affordable and relatively easy to do! You'll find all the supplies and instructions below! Have fun!

TIME: 40 Minutes


Take your plant tray and spray it with a good coating of spray adhesive. You can also use regular glue, but we found it is quicker and easier to use spray adhesive. Once the drip tray is covered in glue, lay down a nice layer of the grass or moss. Press it down to make sure it sticks to the tray. 

Next, we formed the little fairy's house using craft logs/sticks, and using the hot glue gun to glue the pieces together,. Start by laying the logs in a u-shape. I glued the ends of each piece together. you also can create each wall and then glue the walls together, but I found that buy doing it layer by layer, the house fit together more nicely. Continue to stack sticks on top of each other, gluing them onto the bottom layer, and gluing the ends together to make sure the house is strong. Once you have 4-5 layers, we added a roof by gluing sticks vertically to the top layer, and gluing the tips of parallel logs together (look at the picture of the roof). To add a cute entry, I added two larger stick to the front of the house as well. 
We gathered a number of small pebbles/rock pieces from around our home. We found a big one we decided would make the perfect little fairy table. 

After we had decided on the final placement of our house, we took our silk flower and curved the bottom into a small circle, then hot glued it next to the house. We also took one more of the little sticks and glued it upright as a "throne" for the "fairy princess".

Then we took the small rocks and used the hot glue gun to glue them to the grass (press down so the glue adheres to the bottom layer), and make a cute little pathway to the fairy's house. We also had some extra little floral pompoms that we added to create a cute little lining around the path.

All in all, this project took less than 40 minutes from start to finish, and turned out pretty darn cute. Depending on if you can find sticks around your home that will work, and what supplies you already have on hand, this project also ended up being super affordable!

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