Hello from the Koala Bash Family!

We're Heather & Justin, and this is our crew. Together, we are the team behind Koala Bash.
The inspiration for Koala Bash came from my own experience as a mother, trying to find simple, meaningful ways to bring my family together.

I've never been a "crafty mom". It isn't something that comes easily or naturally to me, but I've seen first hand how much it means to my children when we make a real effort to create and spend that precious time together.

My children see anything as an opportunity to celebrate. Bring an idea, add some balloons, a treat and some music, and it's a party.

At Koala Bash, we are striving to help families make creating and celebrating together a regular tradition, all while making crafting and creating between parents and children more accessible to all families.

Our time is precious, and our time together even more precious. So grab a box, and open it up to find everything you need to have some seriously family fun.

-Heather & Justin

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