Free Resources for When You're Home with Your Littles

Free at home resources to explore with your kids

The Coronavirus has caused its fair share of stress the economy, individuals and families. Lots of families are now trying to figure out how to deal with the stress, while also providing the mental, emotional and physical stimulation that their kids need.

So many organizations are pulling together, and putting out some incredible content to help combat cabin fever as people are forced to social distance from others. Look below to find some of our favorite resources you can do right at home with your littles!

1. Take a virtual tour of world famous museums

You don't have to get out of the house to see beautiful works of art. Several of the most famous museums in the world have options for touring their exhibits virtually. Sit down and explore together!

See 12 virtual museum options here.

2. Brush up your artistic skills with free tutorials

Once you've explored some of the arts of the greats, you may want to explore your own artistic talents!

Arts for Kids Hub has hundreds of videos with step by step instructions on how to draw almost anything your little one can think of.

Pull out the art supplies, and get creating!

3. Explore MARS!

Got any space obsessed littles in your life? NASA's mars rover has taken recordings of the actual surface of Mars that you can explore together at ACCESS MARS.

NASA also has an amazing gallery of space images. Look through their archives, and let your little put use them to create a story in google slides or their school adobe spark account.

4. Explore a national park

Long walks in the mountains are still an appropriate social distancing activity, but if you aren't able to get out, did you know several of our national parts offer virtual tours? Check out Yosemite's HERE.

Several zoos and other venues offer something similar if you're willing to do a little googling.
I'd love to hear about other parks or attractions in other countries as well!

5. Scholastic's Learn at Home Daily Content

Scholastic has created a ton of learning content for all grade levels. For the next few weeks, they are offering daily "Learning at Home" learning journeys free to anyone.

Find the content here.

6. Get moving with kids adventure yoga

Yoga has the benefit of getting everyone moving while also helping lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in the body.

There is a ton of free content on YouTube. Cosmic Kids has meditation, yoga and more your littles can explore.

7. Learn stop motion animation

Right now, Trisha Zemp is offering her Stop Motion Kids Camp for free to anyone who reposts about it on instagram. It has a ton of great content, and is sure to keep your little one occupied for hours. It is esspecially good for older kids who enjoy working with technology.

Check out Trisha's instagram HERE

UPDATE: 8. Audible Stories

Audible has made hundreds of Audio books for kids free to stream to your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. For as long as school are closed, their free story streaming services will remain available to anyone who wants to use it.

See the collection here.

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